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NYS Custody Forms

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NYS Custody Forms

this website has all the forms you will need to file for custody in NYS...

as they say the forms are a bit tricky and you may want to have a lawyer or legal aid help you look over the forms... fyi - in NY the dept of corrections helps out with legal forms they make take over 3 months for you to get an appointment with. So plan ahead.

These are the forms you will need - you may want to check with your county to make sure they have no additional forms or paperwork. Also you will need 3 copies of each to bring to the court house to turn them in.

Support -

This is if BD signed the BC -

This is if BD didn't sign the BC -

This is for Custody -

This hopefully isn't needed but if it is this is for an order of protection through family court -

All forms use Acrobat reader...