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Pumping Hands Free

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Pumping Hands Free

For those of you who are pumping, how do you pump hands-free? I've seen a lot of different ways (and expensive products - are they worth it?) - what works best for you?

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Pumping Hands Free

I have the Avent Isis but I don't know. It does the job but it can take awhile. I bought it second-hand so it wasn't anywhere near the normal retail price (thankfully) but the person who I bought it off hadn't used it much. I suppose it ll depends on how often you will be pumping as to whether it will be worth it. I would like to try an electric one but at the moment I don't really have the need for one.

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Pumping Hands Free

I have seen a homemade pumping "bra" for an electric pump.... where the cups fit into the bra and you just hit a switch.

I don't have any experience with it though.

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Pumping Hands Free

What kind of pump are you using? I have 2.. a manual avent isis (which I dont think theres a way to do hands free.. since its manual) and a medela personal double pump (like the pump in style). With my medela I sometimes pump "hands free", but it more just me balancing the bottles on my lap while I type at the computer.. I would think you could make a hands free bra (like yabinti said) w/ an old sports bra.. just cut 2 holes for the flanges to go through. But I know for me, I doubt hands free would be very effective since i have to do a lot of massaging and breast compressions while pumping to keep the milk flowing.