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I love abortion!

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I love abortion!
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Re: I love abortion!

I completely understand and support what she is saying. I'm tired of placating the right on this one, as all it does is leave leeway for them to limit people's rights. "Why not ban abortion after 20 weeks? They should know by then! Or do you LIKE abortion??" to which we're all supposed to say "NOOOOO! Of course not!" and the response is "alright then, moving on."

No, not moving on. There is nothing, nothing, nothing wrong with abortion. Abortion needs to have the stigma removed from it, so women are more comfortable and open about making the right decision for their lives, not guilted into making a decision other people approve of. I will also stand up to people who use the phrase "it shouldn't be used as birth control." It IS birth control. It controls when and how often you birth, it is birth control and that should not matter to anyone as it is no one's business.

I will never tell a woman to have an abortion. I will also never tell a woman to have a baby. Whenever I've been faced with the question "what should I/she do" whether rhetorical or actual, my answer is "what do you feel is the best option for you and your family?"

The only way to remove stigma from abortion is to love and accept it for what it is. A woman's option for birth control.

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Re: I love abortion!

Thanks for posting this here, Delphiki!

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Re: I love abortion!

Great article! I agree very much with the author. This especially resonated with me:
"However, there is no need to suggest that abortion be rare. To say so implies a value judgement, promoting the idea that abortion is somehow distasteful or immoral and should be avoided. Even with affordable, accessible birth control, there will be user errors, condoms that break, moments of spontaneity. The best contraceptive access in the world won't change the fact that we are merely human and imperfect in our routines. The best access in the world also won't change the fact that some women are raped, while others find that even wanted pregnancies sometimes need to be terminated for the woman's well-being or to avoid birthing a child with painful or unmanageable disabilities. Women who find themselves facing any of these situations shouldn't feel guilty for failing to keep the numbers low."
Life throws us unexpected circumstances and we shouldn't be made to feel guilty about our decisions. To be honest, having an abortion was probably one of the most intelligent decisions I ever made! I don't feel guilty or remorseful, and I think a lot of people bristle at that notion. Its like if you choose to abort it is somehow more acceptable if you regret it or like, mourn the loss. Which of course it is fine to feel that way but people who don't, shouldn't have to feel bad! I agree w/ mamamayhem, abortion IS birth control. it really bugs me when people say it is not!

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Re: I love abortion!

Love love this article. :)